Strategic Data Assessment Service

Utilities will carefully plan their Geometric Network to Utility Network migration strategy. Our Strategic Data Assessment Service will rapidly document and categorize data and schema errors. Our tools and experience allow us to offer a convenient approach to save you time and money with regard to data and model quality.

Quality Assurance Services

Laurel Hill GIS can help ensure that your GIS projects are successful. Choose us to capitalize on our many years of ESRI experience and our in-depth knowledge of data conversion and industry standard data models. Whether you are undergoing project planning, a pilot project, or are in full production, Laurel Hill GIS can provide the critical Quality Assurance (QA) services you need.

Quality Assurance Planning

Laurel Hill GIS will construct a Quality Assurance Plan to ensure that your data meets your organization's standards. Our Quality Assurance Plans rely on the use of our automated quality assurance software, GeoData Sentry and GeoData Random Sampler.

Data Acceptance Planning

Laurel Hill GIS' Visual and Automated Data Acceptance Procedures and acceptance metrics assures superior results. We help you create data acceptance procedures that take you from data receipt to loading this data into your production environment.

Independent Data Quality Assessment

Laurel Hill GIS' off-site automated QA services offer an independent, unbiased perspective of your data conversion or maintenance activities. Laurel Hill GIS will configure and operate GeoData Sentry against your data. An executive summary of QA findings, detailed error reports, and error analyses are delivered.

Custom Application Development

Laurel Hill GIS has extensive experience in Custom GIS Application Development. Using Agile Practices we collaborate with our customers to deliver stable, responsive applications that utilize ArcGIS technologies. Not only do we apply the Agile Practices to our custom development projects, but internally our GeoData Product Line is developed following the same Agile Practices that we advocate for our customers, making sure we practice what we preach.

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