Your view of the geodatabase will never be the same again.

GeoData Modeler  is a tool for reporting, comparing and management of the geodatabase schema. In minutes you can create a powerful report of geodatabase contents in a user friendly Excel format. Additionally, an HTML report format is available so that the geodatabase information can easily be shared within the enterprise. Geodatabase to geodatabase comparisons reveal even the slightest differences which could only be found by painstaking visual side by side comparisons. Finally, data model updates are fully automated, where all that is necessary is to update cells in an Excel worksheet, then apply them to one or more geodatabases. Each change can be tracked with change meta data for traceability back to the change requirements.

GeoData Modeler workflow for data model updates

Data model changes are a standard part of any geodatabase implementation. How they are requested, tracked, implemented, tested and verified can vary widely for each organization. This document will detail the best practices for managing data model change with this process and GeoData Modeler. To read more, download the white paper below.

GeoData Modeler Data Model Updates Workflow.pdf